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Discover what makes 10×10 sheds so popular!

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We offer a variety of storage buildings and structures including our 10×10 sheds. Its size and customizable options make it a popular choice for anyone looking for a smaller shed size.

Are you looking for 10×10 sheds? Check out our different shed styles and choose the perfect one for you!

The Shed Center Guarantee

At The Shed Center, we don’t just sell portable 10×10 sheds; we make your backyard dreams a reality. Our high-quality sheds, prefab garages, cabins, and, other portable buildings go above and beyond, starting with our best-in-class doors that combine style and security. Which is why we offer an industry-leading 10-year guarantee, plus additional roofing material warranties. We treat our customers like royalty, providing a complete solution for their backyard needs!

Customizable Options for 10×10 Storage Sheds

6 Benefits of 10×10 Sheds

The main advantage and most common reason people purchase a shed is for storage space. Whether it’s to store the gardening equipment, mowers, or seasonal decorations, 10×10 sheds ensure you have a space to put them.

10×10 sheds can be used for more than just storage. Convert one into a home office, DIY workshop, motorcycle garage, art studio or more. You can even add electric and plumping to adapt your shed for any need!

We don’t always think about the quality of things, until it’s lacking. 10×10 sheds from The Shed Center are built with durability and functionality in mind. That means your days of fighting with a plastic shed/bin whose door and lid inevitably falls off are over.

Some people love to organize, and others don’t…No matter where you fall, 10×10 sheds provide the perfect place to store your belongings and declutter your living space. Add shelves, hooks, racks, and more to optimize the space for all your organizing needs.

No matter where the economy is at, we all love to increase our property value. The Shed Center’s 10×10 sheds do just that. Add additional value to your home and land with one of our popular storage sheds.

Lastly, 10×10 sheds offer you a secure and safe place to store your valuables. Keep them protected from the elements or from “walking away on their own” with any of our popular storage shed styles.

FAQs for 10×10 Sheds

Most often, you do not need a permit to install a 10×10 shed on. Your property. However, we always recommend checking with your local municipality to ensure you can install your new structure with no problem.

Our 10×10 sheds have a typical square foot of 100 sq. ft. with an interior square footage of around 92 sq. ft. This slight difference accounts for the wall studs and sheathing of the siding.

A typical 10×10 shed foundation requires 1.78 cubic yards of gravel. It’s always a good idea to make your foundation a foot wider and longer than your shed’s dimensions. Additionally, it’s recommended to make your foundation at least 3-4” deep. However, each location or customer preference could effect the exact amount needed. Though, this is a good place start for those purchasing their first shed.

10×10 sheds can be purchased either outright or part of our Rent-To-Own plans. For additional details regarding this plan, please visit Rent-To-Own Sheds.

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