Mono Slope Shed

A versatile utility shed in a modern package

modern mono slope shed

Are you looking for a storage solution but prefer something more modern than the typical barn-style shed? Our Mono-slope Shed could be exactly what you’re looking for. The clean, contemporary design is a classy take on a storage shed, and is also the perfect structure for your next office space or home gym.

A Mono-slope Shed features a unique single-sloped roof style as opposed to the classic peaked roof. Not only does this give it a modern profile, but it can be a practical option for those with limited space. In addition, the higher front wall allows for more window area, which allows for plenty of light and ventilation. 

Key Features of the mono slope shed


  • Low profile engineered floor 226 psf
  • Pressure treated runners
  • 5/8″ T&G LP ProStruct Flooring with Smart Finish


  • LP SmartSide T1-11 siding 
  • 16″ O/C framing
  • Double wood door 
  • Painted corner trim option
  • 6’5″ short wall height


  • 40-year metal roof
  • Roof drip edge and ridge closure strips
  • Roof underlayment
  • 2 gable vents

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mono slope shed Highlights

modern storage shed

A Contemporary Look

The clean, modern style is becoming more and more popular for homes, and sheds are no different. One of our Mono-sloped sheds could be the perfect addition to your backyard, and will add a touch of style to your next outdoor office setup, she-shed, or art studio.  

monoslope shed

A Unique, Practical Roof

The sloped roof of this style isn’t simply for looks. It also has practical benefits, such as water drainage. A slope roof will not allow water and snow to pool and pile up on your roof, preventing leaks and damage from excessive snow buildup.   

modern storage shed interior

Great Natural Lighting

The higher front wall is a perfect place to add lots of windows to allow cozy, natural light to filter into your shed. When you place your shed, make sure the front is pointed towards the area with the most natural light, and you’ll enjoy the natural ambiance sunlight brings. 

small mono slope shed 1


All the sheds we offer are built with quality in mind first. We build our sheds with great attention to detail and desire to bring you a long-lasting product. If you are concerned about how our sheds will hold up when storing heavy objects, our PerformMax shed floors, rated at 226 pounds per square foot, will give you peace of mind.

mono slope shed


If you are envisioning building an office shed or perhaps an art studio, you can choose to have your shed made ready for drywall. A shed, after all, isn’t just for storage. It can be a place where you start your next side hustle, work on your hobby, or run a small business.

mono slope shed


You may be hesitant to spend the money on a good shed, but the truth is that our sheds can provide you with incredible value. They can provide a place to protect your tools and supplies from the elements, allowing them to last longer. If your house is too small and you are considering an addition with proper upgrades, a quality shed that can be used as a guest bedroom, game room, or gym.