A-Frame Shed

Quality, Versatile Storage Shed with the Classic A-Frame Design

quality a frame storage shed

The A-Frame Storage Shed is a straightforward, practical building that is a perfect solution to your backyard storage needs. This versatile storage shed is the workhorse of sheds. The sky’s the limit for the things you can accomplish with this building. From the basic storage shed to a home gym or she shed, the A-Frame is sure to be a winner.

Instead of cookie-cutter buildings that all look the same, our storage sheds are fully customizable. That means you get to choose the roofing material, trim colors, and siding style that fits your property. What does your perfect storage shed look like?

Key Features of the A-Frame Shed


  • 5/8″ T&G LP ProStruct Flooring with Smart Finish
  • Low profile engineered floor rated for 226 psf
  • 4×4 pressure treated runners


  • LP SmartSide T1-11 siding
  • 16″ O/C framing
  • Double wood door
  • Painted corner trim option
  • 6’ 4-1/2″ wall height (6′ studs with 3 plates)
  • 2 gable vents


  • 40 yr metal roof
  • Roof Underlayment
  • Ridge cap, corner trim, drip edge
  • Closure strips
  • Synthetic underlayment

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A-Frame Shed Highlights

a frame shed with metal roof edited scaled

Simply Classic

The classic A-frame style shed offers a timeless simplicity that combines functionality and aesthetics. The clean lines provide architectural appeal, making it a popular choice for homeowners looking for a versatile storage solution. With its efficient use of space and straightforward design, the A-frame shed offers practicality without compromising on style.

a frame interior edited scaled

Spacious Interior

Our A-frame shed offers a surprisingly spacious interior. Its design optimizes vertical space, allowing for efficient organization and easy access to your stuff. With plenty of room to accommodate your tools, yard equipment, and other storage items, this shed provides a practical way to keep your garage and home organized.

aframe storage building edited 1 scaled

Low-Profile Design

The low-profile roof design of the A-frame shed makes it an ideal choice for spaces with building height restrictions or limited overhead clearance, such as areas under trees. The unobtrusive design of this shed ensures that it will effortlessly fit into any backyard without sacrificing your storage capacity.

a frame shed red


When you get an A-Frame shed from The Shed Center, you can rest assured you’ll be getting the most durable and quality buildings on the market. Made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials, our A-Frame sheds are built to last and withstand the elements.

a frame storage shed with cupola


Are you ready to take charge of your backyard storage? With our 3D Design Configurator, once you can choose your building style, the options are endless. Choose the kind and color of your roof and trim. Add a porch, a loft, extra windows, and much more. 

a frame storage shed with windows


Our A-Frame Storage Shed is an extremely versatile building that provides value inside and out. Whether you need a storage shed for your lawn and garden equipment or simply want to keep your outdoor space organized, our A-Frame sheds are the perfect solution. So why wait? Order your A-Frame Storage Shed today and start enjoying a clutter-free outdoor space!