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LP ProStruct Flooring
Better Floors

LP ProStruct Flooring with SmartFinish
Beautiful, durable overlay for a premium finish

Shed Studs 16 on center
Super Strong Frames

*Framing is 16″ o/c with double top plates notched at the corners.  (*Economy Series & buildings under 8′ wide framing is 24″ o/c)

Dependable Doors

Absolute Best Doors in the industry! Doors are the most susceptible part to be damaged on a shed.

Durable Siding

50 Year **Limited Warranty Engineered LP Siding with Quality Sherwin Williams A100 paint. This is not like the old LP siding!

Superior Roofing

40 Year **Warranty on our Metal Roof or 40 Year **Warranty Pabco shingle roof with a metal drip edge.

The Shed Center Philosophy

Yes, it all started with a couple of young men raised with the core values of integrity, honesty, and customer service. From humble roots in a rural Amish community, The Shed Center grew into a name recognized throughout the entire Northwest United States as a brand that can be trusted to provide a Portable Building that will stand up to the harsh climates of the Rockies, into the plains of North Dakota all the way to the rolling hills and coasts of Oregon and Washington. With undivided attention to customer service, The Shed Center is the place where you can truly experience “Storage Your Way.”

We support local businesses by purchasing quality building products from lumberyards and distributors across the entire Northwest. Not only do we use a quality wood product to build your storage shed, but we also go above and beyond by assuring that our buildings meet or exceed IRC building standards. The Shed Center buildings are carefully built in our indoor production facilities to ensure a consistent product and a safe work environment for all our employees.

The Shed Center is committed to providing you with a quality storage building that can be purchased at a fair market value. We care about our communities and give back by providing building education to school programs, mentoring young men that want to learn the building trade and employing all of our workers from your community. By ensuring our employees get treated right, we set the groundwork for you to have a great customer experience from the moment you search our website or sales display for your building the whole way through to the delivery of your building. For your peace of mind, we offer the best warranty in the storage building industry and a commitment to service your investment to ensure a lifetime of satisfaction.

Thousands have done it and you can too.

Experience “Storage Your Way.”

June 2020 Edition