The Joy Of Raising Chickens

A starting guide to raising chickens.

If you ever raised an animal before you know it takes time, patience, and dedication. However, there is always an upside to animals, and with chickens, there are many positives about raising them.

  • Fresh and tastier eggs
  • Chicken manure and eggs shells are compostable
  • They are gardening companions because they help eliminate insects
  • Harvesting chicken guarantees the freshest organic meat
  • Raising chickens can teach children responsibility and hard work
raising chickens

So now that we have some great reasons to raise chickens how do we go about making sure we start the right way? Figure out how many chickens you feel comfortable starting with. Chickens are social animals, so we don’t recommend just getting one, start out in pairs. For an average family, four to six hens should be enough to get you started.

Just like us, chicks need a warm and dry place to live. We recommend three chickens to a nest box, so figure out the right size for your yard and the number of chickens you have. Think about where you want their food and water to be placed and make sure you have a nice area for them to wander—chickens love the sun.

Research the right number of roosters to hens for the breed you are looking into having. Otherwise, a suggested one rooster to about 6-10 hens is recommended. Roosters are great together but add hens in the mix, and soon you will have a king of the arena fight match breaking out.

Once you have your plan of how many chicks, what size of a coop, and when your research is done, then comes the exciting part. It is time to go to your local farm store and buy your chicks and essential items, have fun, and enjoy those daily fresh eggs.

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