Chicken Coop

A quaker style chicken coop with nesting boxes

chicken coop animal shelter

There are a lot of reasons to own backyard chickens. There fun, relatively low-maintenance, and their eggs are a tasty source of nutrients. With one of our chicken coops, your flock will be protected and healthy, even if the weather turns bad. They’re built to last and will instantly upgrade the look of your backyard with their beautiful quaker styling.

Some of the great features include windows, nesting boxes, and a roosting bar. It’s even equipped with an easy-access door with a latching lid. This makes collecting eggs and coop clean out a breeze. You can even choose the chicken coop siding, from T1-11 wood siding to log or metal siding. 

Key Features of The Chicken Coop


  • 6’x8′ Quaker-style building
  • 1 vent


  • 2 windows
  • Chicken door
  • Entry door


  • Roosting bar
  • 5 nesting boxes
  • Treated floor

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Chicken Coop Highlights

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Classic Quaker Styling

Like our larger Quaker buildings, this chicken coop is built with a beautiful design popular in the New England region. It’s a classic style that will upgrade the look of your backyard or farm with just a small investment. 

animal shelter chicken coop interior

Easy Access Entry Door

Our chicken coops are thoughtfully designed in a number of ways that make your job of taking care of your chickens easier. One of those ways is an easy-access entry door which simplifies the task of coop cleanout. 

chicken coop with nesting boxes

Nesting Boxes

Another great feature of these coops is the nesting boxes. The chicken coops come equipped with 5 of them total, giving your chickens plenty of space to lay their eggs. These boxes feature a latching lid that keeps the coop secure, as well as making the job of collecting eggs easier. 

chicken coop sheds


Like all of our larger products, our chicken coops are built to last. We don’t cut corners simply because it’s a smaller structure. These chicken coops are backed by the same 10-year workmanship warranty that the rest of our products have. 

animal shelter chicken coop interior


Our chicken coops are fully customizable and can be built like you want. If you’d like to add another nesting box or window, you have that option. You can also pick the siding and roof material of your choice. 

chicken coop animal shelter


With an emphasis on functionality and durability, it can be easy to overlook design styling. However, we believe that our structures, large or small, should bring beauty to the world, so we pay close attention to the details of the design on each one of our products.