15 Unique Finished Shed House Interior Ideas

 One of the latest trends in DIY is converting sheds and other outbuildings into living spaces, such as she sheds and man caves. After all, converting a shed into a living space can be an affordable alternative to a home addition and could become that home office or craft room you’ve always dreamed of.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the most popular finished shed house interior ideas for your she shed or man cave. Whether you’re looking to do a simple garden shed upgrade or a complete shed house project, you’ll find inspiration in this article.

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15 Creative Ideas For Your Shed House Interior

While there may be more than 15 ideas for your finished shed house interior, these are some of the most popular and unique ideas. We break down the ideas into 3 categories: She sheds, man cave sheds, and 5 more unique ideas that don’t fit specifically into the first two categories. Whether you’re young or old, man or lady, you’ll find something for you in the following lists.

5 She Shed Ideas For Your Finished Shed House Interior

She sheds are one of the most popular themes for a finished shed house interior. A she shed is essentially the same as a man cave, and can represent any interest or hobby you love. Here are a few popular ideas for your she shed inspiration.

If you have a hobby or passion project you’re particularly interested in, this is a great choice for your she shed. When choosing a shed for your artist’s studio, make sure to prioritize lighting, both natural and interior lighting. 

finished shed house interior artists studio

Having a dedicated space for reading sounds like a dream, right? Instead of trying to carve out a space in your existing room, you can convert a shed into a reading room. A reading room can also multi-use, and can be used as a home office or a place for naps. 

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A potting shed can be seen as a mix between a greenhouse and garden shed, and is a great place to grow plants until they’re ready for the outdoors, as well as store garden tools. If you have a green thumb or are looking to dive into a new hobby, a potting shed could be a great idea.

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A shed could be the perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee or drink some tea with friends. Again, a shed with lots of natural light is a must. Also, consider a shed with a front porch so you’ll have a place to enjoy those summer sunsets. 

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Whether you’re the next Agatha Christie, or simply like to journal a bit in your free time, a space dedicated to writing can provide you with a distraction-free and inspirational environment for writing.

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5  Man Cave Ideas For Your Finished Shed House Interior

LIke a she shed, a man cave shed is basically a place where you can pursue the hobbies and interests that give you life. A man cave can reflect any interest, but here are a few to get you started. 

Your man cave shed can be a place where you dive into a hobby, especially those that require more space like woodworking or remodeling motorcycles. A hobby shed should have plenty of light, so make sure you have lots of windows and sufficient interior lighting.

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If you’re into hunting, a shed specifically for your hunting supplies is a great way to keep your hunting things organized and secure. It could also be place to display your trophies if you’ve rather not keep them in your house.

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Exercise equipment can take up lots of space, so investing in a shed to use as a dedicated gym space could be a great idea if you’d like to take your gym time to the next level. Not to mention, it’s a lot easier to walk to your shed than to drive to a gym.

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If your shed is big enough, you could turn it into a gaming shed or entertainment center. Equip your shed with a fridge, comfortable chairs, heating, and A/C for year-round comfort, and your shed will be the envy of all your friends.

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One of the most popular ways to use a shed as a living space is as a home office. With remote work on the rise, having a home office is becoming more and more important. However, with a home office shed, you’ll have a dedicated space to get work done, all from the comfort of your own property.

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5 More Unique Ideas For Your Finished Shed House Interior

If you’re looking for even more unique ideas for your shed, here are a few to get you inspired. 

A shed can be more than just a place to pursue your hobbies. It can also be a way to make some extra income. A shed turned into a rental space is a unique idea that could stand out from other rentals in your area. Airbnb even features unique rentals on their website, and has a special section for tiny homes.

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What’s the ultimate way to relax after a long day? How about in your own backyard shed spa. Or you could create your own sauna, and reap all the health benefits that come with regular sauna use.

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If you’re a coffee lover, and want to start dabbling in roasting your own coffee, a roasting shed could be a great idea! Make sure your shed has sufficient ventilation and electric to power the roasting equipment. Here’s an article from Perfect Daily Grind on how to design your coffee roastery.

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With white walls, plenty of windows, and lots of lights, you’ll have a space where your dreams of being a portrait photographer can come true. Leave enough space in the corner of your shed for a desk for editing the photos you take. 

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Whether you simply dabble in music or are a professional, having a personal recording studio is a dream come true. For some ideas on how to make it work, check out this article on how to make a DIY recording studio.

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Best Sheds For Your Finished Shed House

At The Shed Center, we offer a variety of shed styles and sizes for your finished shed house interior project. Here are a few sheds we recommend, along with some of the best shed house uses.

Prestige Highwood Shed

Our Prestige line of sheds feature an up-scale design that will upgrade the look of your property. The Prestige Highwood comes equipped with a transom dormer for extra interior lighting and a classic A-frame design.

Best Finished House Uses: Reading Room, Home Gym, Home Office, Hobby Shed

prestige highwood shed
mono slope shed 1

Mono Slope Shed

The Mono Slope shed features a modern design with a single slope roof. These sheds are a popular choice for DIY shed house conversions because of their design. The high side wall can be equipped with plenty of windows, allowing in plenty of natural light.

Best Finished House Uses: Home Office, Artist’s Studio, Photography Studio, Hobby Shed

Prestige Cottage

Our Prestige Cottage comes with the same exterior styling details as our other Prestige sheds, but also comes with a front porch, making it perfect for your shed house transformation. We offer a variety of siding types, including rustic log cabin style siding. 

Best Finished House Uses: Short Term Rental, Tea or Coffee Shed, Reading Shed

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We hope this article inspires you to find the shed of your dreams and finally take that hobby or small business idea seriously. If you have any questions or are looking for more recommendations, feel free to reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you!