Prestige Castle Mountain Shed

A classic a-frame style shed with an upgraded exterior

castle shed mountain shed

If you’re interested in a storage shed but want something more than the typical, basic garden shed, then check out the Prestige Castle Mountain shed. This distinguished-looking structure takes everything that makes our A-frame storage sheds great and adds some refinement and class. Upgrade your backyard and get one today!

With the Prestige Castle Mountain Shed, you get a high-quality, durable utility shed in a beautiful package that will instantly make your backyard special. The arched door trims and gable end vents add subtle touches of beauty, along with the faux shutters at the windows. 

Key Features Of The Castle Mountain


  • Low profile engineered floor rated for 226 psf
  • 5/8″ T&G LP ProStruct Flooring with Smart Finish
  • 4×4” Pressure Treated Runners


  • LP Smartside siding T1-11
  • Painted corner trim option
  • 16″ O/C framing
  • 7′ 4 1/2″ high sidewalls provide extra headroom
  • 5×7′ or 6’x7′ double wood door w/ arch top trim
  • 2  24×36″ aluminum windows
  • 2 pairs of faux shutters
  • 2 arch top gable vents


  • 40-year metal roof tuff rib
  • 7/12 pitched roof
  • 6″ overhangs on gable and eaves
  • Synthetic roof underlayment

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Castle Mountain Shed Highlights

beautiful castle mountain shed

Classic Profile

The Prestige Castle Mountain is designed with an A-frame roof profile which not only looks great, but it is also very practical. The slope of the roof sheds snow and water with ease, and gives plenty of headroom inside. 

castle mountain shed interior edited scaled

Spacious Interior

The Prestige Castle Mountain’s interior offers plenty of space for your gardening and lawn care needs. A shed like this can be used for so much more than just storage, however. This shed could be perfect for your next home gym, or workshop. 

beautiful castle mountain sheds

Large Windows

Adding windows to a shed is a great way to upgrade the style of the shed and allow for natural lighting inside. With this model, the windows come with faux shutters for a unique look and extra style. With the added natural light that the windows allow into the interior, your next project in your shed will be a breeze. 

luxury castle mountain prestige shed edited scaled


We think investing in a shed should be a long-term plan. When you spend your hard-earned money on a shed, you anticipate receiving a high-quality item. The Prestige Castle Mountain Shed is created with high-quality materials and attention to detail, much like all of our storage buildings. With features like a SmartGuard ProStuct floor to resist fungal decay and termite damage and certified for 226 pounds per square foot (40% better than comparable rivals), our sheds are engineered above and beyond what you may anticipate.

We exclusively utilize high-quality products, many of which come with outstanding guarantees, such as the metal roof’s 40-year warranty and the LP Engineered wood siding’s 50-year limited warranty. Finally, we provide a 10-year warranty, the best in the business.

steep pitch castle mountain shed edited scaled


If a basic, uninteresting garden shed comes to mind when you think about sheds, prepare to have your mind changed. Being able to completely customize our sheds is one of their most appealing characteristics. Do you want a space for your lawnmower as well as a roost for your backyard chickens? Think about adding an optional nesting box for your storage shed. If you don’t want to give up your storage but would also like a workshop? You can have both if you add an optional loft and a workbench.

You have the choice to create a she-shed or home gym shed since all of our sheds can be prepared for drywall. A shed could even be a perfect place to start your next home-based business.

prestige castle mountain shed with wainscoating edited


All of our structures reflect our values since our work is an expression of who we are. Not only are our sheds functional and practical but they are all designed with style and refinement. We are interested in making the world a more beautiful place, and our sheds reflect this desire.

Whether you choose a shed from our Prestige line or something a bit more basic, you’ll get a shed designed with classic beauty that will instantly upgrade your property.