The Trading Post

A unique, Old West take on the traditional cabin shed style

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If you’re in the market for a one-of-a-kind cabin, check out The Trading Post. This trading post cabin is built to resemble buildings of the old pioneer towns in the west. It’s a great fit for a ranch or homestead and provides functionality and style in one complete package. 

The Trading Post is based on our A-Frame structures and has all the great features of the a-frame design. We added a false front facade to the building that resembles the Old West pioneer towns for an unforgettable design profile. It’s also got a front porch area that makes the entryway feel inviting and home-like.

Key Features of The Trading Post


  • 4×4″ Pressure Treated Runners
  • 5/8″ T&G LP ProStruct Flooring with Smart Finish


  • Painted Exterior (your choice of color
  • Painted Trim (your choice of color)
  • Framing 16″ O/C
  • 1 – Standard Double Wood Door
  • 1 – House style door (half glass)
  • 4′ Lean-to porch (included in building length)
  • 7’4 1/2” wall height
  • 3 Windows (18×36 aluminum)


  • 40 yr. metal roof
  • Roof trusses 16″ O/C
  • One Gable Vent
  • 5/12 pitch roof

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The Trading Post Highlights

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Front Porch Area

The Trading Post cabin was inspired by the architecture popular in the Old West. This style of building was popularized in the pioneer days and gave buildings a prominent look, like buildings back in the East. This cabin provides a taste of those bygone days with this unique styling. 

trading post shed

False Front Facade

The 4’ front porch area on this building gives an inviting look to the entryway. This porch is a great place to sit back, relax, and enjoy the sunset. It’s also perfect for adding extra decor to complete the Old West look. Choose “stepped” or “straight” front style.

trading post cabin

Heavy-Duty Floors

Whether you use this cabin to store heavy items or finish it out as an extra living space, you want a floor that’s going to last. The Trading Post comes with a ⅝” ProStruct Floor from LP. It’s finished with LP’s Smart Finish product which creates a surface that stands up to years of use.

trading post cabin 1


A shed should not only be functional but great to look at as well. When we design and build a product, we aim to give it a great design aesthetic and add a little more beauty to the world in the process. 

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Best-in-Class Warranty

Our products and work are all backed by outstanding warranties. We give a 10-year warranty on all of our workmanship and offer a lifetime service to the original owner of the building as long as they own it.

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We build our sheds to last, even in tough environments and harsh weather conditions. It starts with the floors, which are some of the best in the industry. We then pay special attention to common stress points, such as the doors, and make sure they are built to last.