Prestige Outfitter

A cabin shed with a unique shape, perfect for a use as a living space

outfitter shed

Our Outfitter products are some of the most unique structures we build. This outfitter shed features a large, inviting front porch area makes this a great building to create extra living space, like a guest quarters or even a home office. If you simply want a unique, good-looking storage shed, this building is perfect for this as well. 

The Prestige Outfitter has the styling upgrades that our other Prestige products feature but is built with a large, L-shaped front porch area, which makes this building feel more like a house than a shed. It comes with an abundance of windows for plenty of natural light inside and features a large loft area over the front porch.

Key Features of The Prestige Outfitter


  • 4×4″ Pressure Treated Runners
  • 5/8″ T&G LP ProStruct Flooring with Smart Finish


  • Painted Exterior (your choice of color
  • Painted Trim (your choice of color)
  • Framing 16″ O/C
  • 1 – Standard Double Wood Door
  • 1 – House style door (half glass)
  • 7’4 1/2” wall height
  • 5 Windows (choice of standard aluminum)
  • Standard wrap around porch included in length


  • 40 yr. metal roof
  • Engineered roof trusses 16″ O/C
  • Loft over the front porch
  • 6″ overhangs

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Prestige Outfitter Highlights

shed with porch

Front Porch Area

The first thing you’ll notice about this shed is the uniquely shaped front porch area. This area gives you the ability to upgrade your shed’s appearance even more by adding decorations. It’s also a wonderful place to relax and enjoy your backyard.

outfitter shed

Upgraded Trim Package

As with all of our Prestige products, this building comes with an upgraded trim package. It has beautiful arched trim doorways, as well as painted trim with your choice of color. These tasteful design cues make this shed something you can be proud of. 

shed with porch

Interior Loft Area

With the Prestige Outfitters’ large front porch comes a large loft area over the front porch. This feature will upgrade your storage and give you the flexibility to use the floor space for other things, like a workshop or hobby shed. 

outfitter shed

Great Customer Service 

The customer service experience at The Shed Center is second to none. It’s reflected in our quality buildings, as well as our warranties which are some of the best in the industry. We also offer to service our sheds for their entire life, as long as the original owner owns it. 

outfitter shed


All of our buildings are reflective of what we value as a company. At The Shed Center, we desire to make the world a better place, and one way we do this is by building great-looking sheds and cabins. 

shed with porch


We give you unmatched value with our sheds. The durability and customizability of our buildings allow you to create a structure that will last for many years to come. With our customer service guarantees, we make your money go further.