Highwood Storage Shed

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    The Prestige Highwood

    Our Prestige Series sheds offer a very distinguished look to mirror your attention to detail. These sheds have elegantly arched trims and gable vents. The shed dormer adds sophistication on the outside and an airy and roomy feel to the inside. Large windows adorned with faux shutters give a charming appearance.

    Standard Specifications

    • 4x”4 Pressure Treated Runners
    • 2 skids on 8’ wide buildings
    • 5 skids on 10’ and 12’ wide buildings
    • Painted Exterior (your choice of color)
    • LP Smartside siding T-111
    • Contrasting Painted Trim color included
    • Framing 16” O/C
    • 5/8″ ProStruct Tongue in Groove Floor
    • 40-year Metal Roof tuff rib
    • 7/12 pitch roof
    • 7′ 4 1/2″ sidewall
    • 6″ overhangs gable and eaves
    • 5×6′ Double Wood Door w/ Arch Top Trim
    • 2  24×36″ Aluminum Windows
    • 2 pair of shutters (Wood)
    • 2 Arch Top Gable Vents (8×10)

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