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    Gambrel Outfitter

    The gambrel roof provides a spacious loft over the front porch. These cabin shells are built standard to function as elegant storage buildings, but can easily be upgraded to accommodate your needs for a DIY building.


    • 4×4 Pressure Treated Runners
    • Painted Exterior (your choice of color)
    • Painted Trim (your choice of color)
    • Framing 16″ O/C
    • Roof Trusses 16″ O/C
    • Loft over the front porch
    • Wrap-around porch with up to12′ of railing  (8′-11′ deep on door wall)
    • 5/8 ProStruct Floor Plywood T&G
    • Metal Roof
    • 5 Windows (choice of standard aluminum)
    • 1-Standard Double Wood Door
    • 1-House Style Door (half glass)
    • 7’4.5″ Side Wall Height
    • 2 Gable Vents
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